December 22, 2020

American Seafoods gives back to Alaskans: Story from Alaska Fish Radio


LeAnna Joe of Mountain Village sorts food purchased with
American Seafoods’ community development funds.

Communities of western Alaska are essential to the fishing industry. American Seafoods is thankful for their cooperation and committed to giving back through the community development fund, a grassroots initiative addressing critical social needs of this important region.

American Seafoods has donated nearly $2 million to over 100 western Alaska communities since the program’s creation in 1997. Twice a year, a local community advisory board reviews applications and allocates $45,000 to needs including food security, safety equipment, support for vulnerable populations, or simply constructing playground equipment. The fund has supported more than 1,700 community needs to date.

Fishing is critical to our livelihood, and it’s never been more important to show appreciation to the people of these communities.

“As responsible citizens, supporting the well-being of Alaskan communities is a way of giving back,” said American Seafoods president Inge Andreassen. “It’s as simple as that.”

Read the full story at Alaska Fish Radio.


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