October 22, 2018

American Seafoods Hits Meal Donation Milestone


American Seafoods received warm recognition from Seashare, a non-profit formed in 1994, whose mission is to “engage the seafood industry in a collective effort to improve nutrition for the people served by food banks and feeding centers.” 

American Seafoods has shared a close relationship with Seashare since the non-profit was formed. Tuck Donnelly, founder of Seashare is a former employee of American Seafoods Company. Tuck understood that fishing vessels are required by law to throw back that portion of their catch deemed prohibited species. Rather than accept this waste, he worked with authorities to amend the laws to convert those fish into donations for food banks. Today’s donations have expanded to include a much larger portion of our main catch.

American has supported Seashare mission for over twenty years, and this past year John Garner, current board member for Seashare and long-time industry executive recognized American for reached the milestone of donating over 15 million meals to Seashare.

“I can’t give enough praise to American’s leadership role. ASC participated at the heart and beginning of every effort and has quietly maintained its commitment to Seashare, setting a high standard for others in the industry to aspire to. These donations represent tremendous generosity to those in need,” Garner said. 

Receiving the award was Inge Andreassen, ASC President, who has been personally involved in Seashare for over thirteen years. “American Seafoods is extremely proud of this accomplishment,Andreassen said. "Seashare has performed incredible things and brought the entire seafood industry together for this very important cause. This effort is great representation of our being a responsible member of the seafood community.”

Congratulations ASC and to all involved. As Garner said, “this is work that starts on the ground floor, but wouldn’t exist without encouragement from the top.”

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