October 01, 2019

American Seafoods Sponsors MCURC for Healthy, Sustainable Choices in Colleges and Universities

MCURC Proud Sponsor Logo

Eat more kinds of sustainable seafood, more often. It’s one goal of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative – a group of forward-thinking scholars, foodservice leaders, executive chefs, and administrators for college and universities who are helping students embrace food that is healthy for both them and the planet.

American Seafoods is honored to become a sponsor of the MCURC.

As the world’s largest catcher-processor of Wild Alaska Pollock, we are committed to protecting the sustainability of our fish as we bring it to seafood lovers around the globe. We fish in the largest MSC certified Wild Alaska Pollock fishery on earth, found in the Bering Sea. Oversight by government regulators and scientists has protected the species for decades. With green technology aboard our boats and full traceability of our products, we work hard to keep Wild Alaska Pollock sustainable for future generations.

It’s an honor to bring our fish from the icy waters of Alaska to students. We are thrilled to support the collaborative to contribute to healthy eating and a love of seafood in students. We look forward to partnering with universities and colleges to introduce our delicious, nutritious, and sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock to their menus.

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