April 14, 2022



Nearly half of all US consumers are trying to increase their seafood consumption. As they do, Wild-caught is one of the top motivators for choosing seafood over other proteins.

About 82% of the consumers care about bringing home wild-caught seafood, according to the Dataessential Research study conducted by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI). This is because consumers are looking for sustainability, point of origin, and that the product is wild-caught. The study also indicates that the top three reasons consumers prefer wild-caught seafood are better taste, health benefits, and fewer harmful additives. Interestingly, it finds that wild is preferred 5:1 to farmed!

“Alaska’s fisheries are managed for the sustainable supply of seafood produced in Alaska’s waters, as mandated in the state’s constitution. Every aspect of the Alaska fisheries is strictly regulated, closely monitored, and rigidly enforced. Strict regulations and harvest policies set in place by the multiple management and policy agencies based on sound science ensure that seafood populations are managed for sustainability”, explains Michael Kohan, Technical Program Director at Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).

Consumers’ love for the ocean is even translating into a desire to protect it. Many people are looking to buy sustainable seafood and support companies that are committed to protecting the ocean.

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