October 15, 2019

Support SeaShare’s National Day of Giving


SeaShare logo


October 16 is SeaShare’s National Day of Giving – to fight hunger with seafood. We are thrilled to participate in SeaShare throughout the year, as well as in this initiative through the National Fisheries Institute!

What is SeaShare? SeaShare is an organization that brings seafood to food banks. The goal is to send at least 2 million pounds of the most nutritious protein to 20-30 states each year, helping some of the 41 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day. For every $1 donated, SeaShare sends 8 servings of seafood to people who aren’t able to make ends meet. Last year 94% of each dollar they received went directly to donation programs.

American Seafoods has supported Seashare mission for over twenty years, and last year, SeaShare recognized American Seafoods for reaching the milestone of donating over 15 million meals. 

Head to https://www.seashare.org/donate/nfi2019 to learn more, or to donate now!

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