November 05, 2021

Wild Alaska Pollock featured on the list of "Best Choice" Fish


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its guidance on eating fish to align with the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), 2020-2025. The recommendations feature a list of “Best Choices,” which includes Pollock, Hake, Cod, and Sole – all of which are lower in mercury.

At American Seafoods, our whitefish is wild-caught in the icy, pristine waters of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We catch and process a variety of high-protein fish like Wild Alaska Pollock, Wild Pacific Hake, Wild Pacific Cod, and Wild Yellowfin Sole. These are frozen at sea within hours and are among the healthiest options available with no additives or preservatives (ever). This at-sea advantage preserves more freshness, taste, and nutrition.

“We recommend eating fish as part of a healthy diet, and we encourage children and people who are or might become pregnant or breastfeeding to eat fish that are lower in mercury,” the FDA said. “Our advice can help them choose which fish to eat and how much to eat based on mercury.”

Other takeaways from the updated guidelines:

  • Children one year and above can eat one ounce of fish from the “Best Choices” list twice weekly.
  • Pregnant people are encouraged to eat fish from the “Best Choices” list, as there is evidence that fish can be beneficial to babies’ cognitive development.

Overall, the FDA recommends eating fish as part of a healthy diet and encourages people to make choices that work for them. For more information on the recommendations and information on the benefits of Wild Alaska Pollock, Wild Pacific Hake, Wild Pacific Cod, and Wild Yellowfin Sole, click here.

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